Quipu Software

What is Quipu and how can it help you?

Quipu is an accounting software program developed in Barcelona primarily for small business and autonomos in Spain. It offers billing and real time analysis of the accounts, income and expenses control, budgets, OCR reader, banking reconciliation, taxes, analytics, payroll, user roles and much more.

Why use software for your bookkeeping?

Basically it saves you time, puts you in control of your returns and your accounts and enables you to get on with running your business! Here are some of the benefits:

  • Automated bank feeds
  • Bank reconciliation feature
  • OCR feature to read invoices
  • Integration with AEAT for filing quarterly and annual returns
  • Apps for use whilst out with clients
  • Invoice templates for quick invoicing
  • Updated with all changes to tax rates and returns

And much more!

We can offer this fantastic software for an introduction cost of 25€ followed by monthly payments of 12€ all + IVA.

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Thanks for your interest!